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    101 Golf Course Drive
    Rohnert Park, CA
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About Sake Sommelier

hana sake sommelierThough Stuart Morris had been living in San Francisco, with its proximity to excellent Japanese food and sake, he didn't start tasting sake in any meaning full way until he moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands in the year 2000. He was working in a sushi bar where he developed a curiosity for sake. Since there was not a wide variety available, Stuart's education came mostly through reading books on the subject. Every time his wife returned to San Francisco, Stuart would send her to all corners of the city in search of rare and quality examples which she would bring back to St Thomas for Stuart to experience firsthand.

In 2002, he and his wife moved to the Napa Valley where Stuart started cooking with Ken Frank at La Toque in Rutherford. Due to the abundance of sake programs offered in Northern California, Stuart was able to make great strides in his education by attending regular events in San Francisco and Sacramento. Ken Frank also made an important introduction to sushi chef Ken Tominaga who Stuart began visiting at his Hana Restaurant on a weekly basis. They would eat sushi for lunch and once the restaurant closed in the afternoon, Tominaga would talk through sake and sushi pairings, further increasing Stuart's education.

In 2006, Tominaga and Morris got together to open Go Fish restaurant in St. Helena. At Go Fish, Morris has put together an wonderful array of sake offerings -30 different sakes by the bottle and 12 by the glass- and is always looking for more.

In 2009 Stuart Morris did what only a handful of American's have ever done - he traveled to Japan and passed the intense KikiSake-Shi- earning him a title equivalent to a Master Sommelier for sake. To do so Morris was asked to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the varieties of rice, water, yeast and other factors that play into the production of sake. He also was able to show an appreciation for sake's role in Japanese society, ranging from traditions practiced throughout sake's vast history to the very latest advances in modern sake making.

Stuart Morris enjoys pairing sake with not only sushi but also with the most popular seafood dishes to demonstrate the complementary nature of the beverage. He has many regular diners who come from throughout Northern California for his unique pairings and whenever a diner is interested in a sake pairing, Stuart will provide personal commentary on the pairing that being selected so that diners come away with an education and appreciation themselves.